Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006


Based on NWW’s article, "What to do if it's happening to you: If your community is targeted,"

  1. Post/distribute our adaptation of NWW’s flier to public newsstands, bulletin boards, etc

  2. Circulate petition urging moratorium

  3. Organize letter-writing to newspapers, local/state government – get letter commitments from specific people to specific people

  4. Distribute lawn signs, for example, an appraisal meetings

  5. Schedule appraisal meetings and systematic pre-development appraisals – publicize documentation to wind developers !!! (Kori Sue for Folmont?)

  6. Document pre-development quality of life and publicize to wind developers

  • Ambient sound levels

  • Light

  • Reception – TV, cell phone, satellite internet

  • Water – well and streams

  • Wildlife

  • Traffic

  1. Make windmills an election issue and send letters township supervisors/state reps of intent to do so

  2. Send letters to leasing landowners

    • Liability issues they may face regarding health and property

    • Health issues and pitfalls with neighbors

    • Pitfalls with wind developers – lease issues, decommissioning

  3. Send letters to developers’ financiers notifying of intent to resist

  4. Arrange letters from an attorney to participating landowners warning of our "intent to sue" – copies to wind developers, their financiers, local/state representatives, and media

  5. Survey residents for pre-existing health problems and urge to document with physician’s affidavit – publicize results to turbine developers, media

  6. Compile and mail (weekly or monthly) NWW’s news alerts to township supervisors and other local/state officials to impress the true scope of the global controversy surrounding commercial wind power development

  7. Designate and deploy a Speakers Bureau

Read the article.