Friday, July 18, 2008

Email Remarks for the Record

On July 16, 2008, Allegheny Township's Board of Supervisors held a public hearing regarding the permitting of wind turbines on forested ridge top land owned by the New Baltimore Sportman's Club. Numerous homeowners voiced objections over the prospect of property value degradation and environment degradation due to noise.

Terry Doran offered remarks on behalf of the Folmont Property Owners' Association, which can be viewed here.

The Board is allowed 45 days from date of this hearing to grant or deny Airtricity E.ON its permit for this project.

Supervisor Costello will be accepting your remarks for insertion into the record if emailed on or before July 22, 2008. Your emails can be directed to the board secretary, Nancy Metzgar, at

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Allegheny Permit Hearing - Airtricity

Final Public Permitting Hearing on Wind Turbines

Please plan on attending the Allegheny Township Public Hearing on Wind Turbines on Wednesday, July 16 at 6 PM.

There is a wind turbine project planned for the area immediately adjacent to Folmont. Four wind turbines may be erected on the New Baltimore Sportsman’s Club land in Allegheny Township. Additional wind turbines are proposed for the Swallow’s Farm area (behind the old Buckhorn Inn in Shade Township) and in the strip mine area in Stonycreek Township.

A public hearing will be held on Wednesday, July 16th at 6 PM in Allegheny Township. It is very important that your opinions be heard and placed on the official record. This record could support property owners adversely affected by the construction and operation of the wind turbines.

Wind energy in Pennsylvania will provide little usable electricity and is a taxpayer subsidized venture. Wind power might be viable in the Mid-west and along the coastal areas, but at great cost in subsidies to the federal and state governments.

The ordinance passed by the township allows for the construction of turbines on land less than 1500 feet from an occupied residence. Wind turbines are huge (400 feet), noisy and destructive to the forested ridge tops of Pennsylvania.

Please plan on attending the meeting at Allegheny Township. The township office is located on Route 31 across from the Mt. Zion church and the Glen Savage Ranch Sign. This is your only chance to express your thoughts and opinions on this project. Please make every effort to be there at 6 PM on Wednesday, July 16.