Sunday, February 11, 2007

Writer's Tool Kit

Thinking of writing, but don't have the time? Try using these tools:

1.Talking Points - Wind Salesmen’s Talking Points and the Facts that Refute Them

A point-by-point refutation of common claims made about the effect of windplants on reducing CO2 emissions, oil consumption, foreign oil dependence, fossil fuel consumption, global warming, electricity generation costs, electricity user costs, future energy shortages, local tax base, local employment, local businesses and tourism economy, health and safety of neighbors, and forests, watersheds and ecosystems.

This has been prepared for use, freely and without obligatory attribution of any kind, in writing media and elected officials. It’s in Word file format, so that users can copy/paste as expedient.

2 Address Books – Also in Word file format, for easy copy/paste to letters and envelopes. Email addresses and phone numbers included where available.

Politicians: Directory of state, county and township officials

Media: Directory of regional and local media

SOAR: Address Book for Bedford County Members


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