Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blue Knob Turbine Noise Like Jet Circling

Concerns aired over wind farm proposal
March 27, 2008 by Cori Bolger in Centre Daily Times

A jet circling overhead, a neighbor's thumping bass or a train's brakes squealing as it rounds a curve. These are scenarios Todd Stull and Clair Chappell use to describe how the noise of spinning wind turbines have shattered their once idyllic life in the mountains. "We cannot escape the noise," Stull said. "This issue cannot be trivialized. It's nothing short of a pollution problem." Stull and Chappell, who live next to the Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm in Blue Knob, warned borough residents not to chose a similar fate during a public forum Wednesday in Tyrone. ..."This project swooped in, and we didn't have the foresight to see it coming," Chappell said. "Tyrone needs to do their homework and find out if it's the right thing to do ... and keep in mind that you don't have to do it today."

HT: Industrial Wind Action Group

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